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BIC codes, SWIFT codes of All Banks in Sudan

BIC codes, SWIFT codes of All Banks in Sudan
Just select bank name and city and you will get the BIC or SWIFT code of that bank.

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List of All Banks in Sudan
All BIC or SWIFT Code enabled Banks in Sudan Number of Banks
(having BIC/ SWIFT Code)
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank1
Agricultural Bank of Sudan1
Al Baraka Bank (Sudan)1
Al Nile Bank For Commerce And Development Co.23
Al Shamal Islamic Bank1
Alrowad Bank For Development And Investment1
Alsalam Bank1
Animal Resources Bank1
Arab Bank For Economic Development In Africa (Badea)1
Arab Sudanese Bank1
Bank of Khartoum1
Banque Sahelo-saharienne Pour Linvestissement Et Le Commerce Soudan Branche (B.S.I.C.)1
Blue Nile Mashreg Bank1
Byblos Bank Africa Limited1
Central Bank of Sudan2
El Nilein Industrial Development Bank Group1
Elgazeera Sudanese Jordanian Bank1
Export Development Bank1
Faisal Islamic Bank13
Farmers Commercial Bank1
Financial Investment Bank1
Ivory Bank1
National Bank of Abu Dhabi Khartoum Branch2
National Bank of Egypt (Khartoum)1
National Bank of Sudan1
Omdurman National Bank1
Qatar Islamic Bank Sudan Branch1
Qatar National Bank1
Real Estate Commercial Bank1
Saudi Sudanese Bank1
Savings And Social Development Bank1
Sudanese Egyptian Bank1
Sudanese French Bank1
Sudanese Islamic Bank1
Tadamon Islamic Bank1
The Industrial Development Bank-sudan1
United Capital Bank1
Workers National Bank1