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BIC codes, SWIFT codes of All Banks in Japan

BIC codes, SWIFT codes of All Banks in Japan
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List of All Banks in Japan
All BIC or SWIFT Code enabled Banks in Japan Number of Banks
(having BIC/ SWIFT Code)
Agricultural Bank of China Tokyo Branch1
Aichi Bank, Ltd., The1
Akita Bank, Ltd.,the1
Amagasaki Shinkin Bank, The1
Aomori Bank Ltd., The1
Aozora Bank, Ltd1
Asahi Shinkin Bank, The1
Ashikaga Bank1
Australia And New Zealand Banking Group Limited1
Awa Bank, Ltd., The1
Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria Tokyo Branch1
Banco Do Brasil S.A.1
Bangkok Bank Public Company Ltd.2
Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Pt., Tokyo Branch1
Bank of America, Tokyo1
Bank of China6
Bank of Communications, Tokyo Branch1
Bank of FUKuoka, Ltd., The2
Bank of India2
Bank of Iwate Ltd., The1
Bank of Japan3
Bank of Kyoto,ltd.,the1
Bank of Nagoya, Ltd. , The1
Bank of Okinawa, Ltd., The1
Bank of Saga, Ltd., The2
Bank of Taiwan, Tokyo Branch1
Bank of The RyUKyus, Ltd.1
Bank of Tokyo-mitsubishi Ufj, Ltd., The12
Bank of Tokyo-mitsubishi Ufj, Ltd.,the1
Bank of Yokohama, Ltd., The1
Barclays Bank Plc1
Barclays Securities Japan Limited1
Bgc Shoken Kaisha Limited1
Blackrock Japan Co., Ltd.1
Bnp Paribas S.A. Tokyo Branch1
Bnp Paribas Securities (Japan) Ltd.1
Brown Brothers Harriman Securities Investment Management (Japan) Inc.1
Central Tanshi Co., Ltd.1
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd., Tokyo Branch1
Chiba Bank, Ltd., The1
Chiba Kogyo Bank, Ltd., The1
China Construction Bank Corporation Tokyo Branch1
Chugoku Bank, Ltd., The2
ChUKyo Bank, Limited, The1
Cibc World Markets (Japan) Inc.1
Citibank Japan Ltd.1
Citigroup Global Markets Japan Inc.1
Commerzbank Ag Tokyo2
Commonwealth Bank of Australia1
Credit Agricole Cib Tokyo Branch2
Credit Agricole Securities Asia B.V.1
Credit Suisse Ag, Tokyo Branch2
Credit Suisse Securities (Japan) Ltd.3
Ctbc Bank Co., Ltd., Tokyo Branch1
Daisan Bank, Ltd., The1
Daishi Bank Ltd.,the1
Daiwa Asset Management Co. Ltd1
Daiwa Next Bank, Ltd.1
Daiwa Sb Investments Ltd1
Daiwa Securities Co.Ltd.2
Daiwa Securities Co.Ltd. Co.Ltd.1
Dbs Bank Ltd, Tokyo Branch1
Depfa Bank Plc1
Deutsche Asset Management(Japan)ltd1
Deutsche Bank Ag1
Deutsche Securities Inc.5
Diam Co., Ltd1
Ehime Bank, Ltd., The1
Eighteenth Bank,limited,the1
First Commercial Bank, Tokyo Branch1
FUKui Bank, Ltd., The1
Gifu Shinkin Bank, The1
Goldman Sachs Asset Management Japan Ltd.1
Goldman Sachs Japan Co., Ltd.1
Gunma Bank, Ltd., The1
Hachijuni Bank, Ltd., The1
Hana Bank Tokyo Branch1
Higashi-nippon Bank, Limited, The1
Hiroshima Bank, Ltd., The1
Hokkaido Bank, Ltd., The1
Hokkoku Bank, Ltd., The1
Hokuetsu Bank, Ltd., The1
Hokuriku Bank, Ltd.,the1
Hokuto Bank, Ltd., The1
Hongkong And Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited,the3
Hsbc Securities (Japan) Limited1
Hyakugo Bank,ltd.,the2
Hyakujushi Bank, Ltd., The1
Industrial And Commercial Bank of China, Tokyo Branch1
Industrial Bank of Korea, Tokyo Branch1
Ing Bank N.V.1
Intesa Sanpaolo Spa Tokyo1
Itau Unibanco S.A., Tokyo Branch1
Iwaicosmo Securities Co. Ltd.1
Iyo Bank, Ltd., The1
Japan Post Bank, Co., Ltd1
Japan Securities Depository Center, Inc1
Japan Trustee Services Bank, Ltd.2
Johnan Shinkin Bank The1
Johoku Shinkin Bank, The1
Joyo Bank, Ltd., The1
Jpmorgan Asset Management (Japan) Ltd.2
Jpmorgan Chase Bank, N.A.5
Jpmorgan Securities Japan Co., Ltd.4
Juroku Bank, Ltd., The1
Kagawa Bank Ltd., The1
Kagoshima Bank, Ltd., The1
Kansai Urban Banking Corporation1
Keiyo Bank, Ltd., The1
Kinki Osaka Bank, Ltd., The1
Kirayaka Bank, Ltd.1
Kita-nippon Bank, Ltd., The1
Kitakyushu Bank, Ltd., The(Formerly A Part of The Yamaguchi Bank,ltd.)1
Kiyo Bank, Ltd, The1
KokUSAi Asset Management Co., Ltd2
Kookmin Bank2
Korea Development Bank,the,tokyo Branch1
Korea Exchange Bank2
Kumamoto Bank, Ltd., The1
Kyoto Chuo Shinkin Bank, The1
Kyoto Shinkin Bank,the1
Lombard Odier Trust (Japan) Limited2
Master Trust Bank of Japan Ltd, The2
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.,2
Mellon Global Investments Japan Co Ltd1
Mercedes-benz Japan Co.Ltd.1
Merrill Lynch Japan Securities Co. Ltd7
Metropolitan Bank And Trust Company, Tokyo Branch1
Michinoku Bank, Ltd., The1
Mie Bank Ltd., The1
Minato Bank,ltd,the (Formerly The Hanshin Bank Ltd)1
Mitsubishi Ufj Asset Management Co.,ltd.1
Mitsubishi Ufj Merrill Lynch Pb Securities Co., Ltd1
Mitsubishi Ufj Morgan Stanley Securities Co., Ltd.1
Mitsubishi Ufj Trust And Banking Corporation1
Miyazaki Bank, Ltd., The1
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.5
Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.1
Mizuho Securities Co.,ltd2
Mizuho Trust And Banking Co., Ltd.1
Momiji Bank, Ltd.1
Morgan Stanley Mufg Securities Co., Ltd.4
MUSAshino Bank Ltd., The2
Nagano Bank, Ltd.1
Nanto Bank, Ltd, The1
National Australia Bank Limited1
National Bank of Pakistan2
Natixis Japan Securities Co., Ltd.1
Nissay Asset Management Corporation1
Nomura Asset Management Co., Ltd.4
Nomura Financial Products And Services Inc1
Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.1
Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.1
NorinchUKin Bank, The2
North Pacific Bank, Ltd.1
Ntt Data Corporation1
Ntt Data Getronics Corporation1
Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank,ltd.,the1
Oita Bank, Ltd., The1
Okasan Securities Co., Ltd.1
Okazaki Shinkin Bank, The1
Osaka City Shinkin Bank, The1
Oversea-chinese Banking Corporation Limited, Tokyo Branch1
Panasonic Corporation1
Philippine National Bank Tokyo Branch1
Pictet Asset Management (Japan) Ltd.1
Portigon Ag1
Rakuten, Inc.1
Rbc Capital Markets (Japan) Ltd., Tokyo1
Rbs Securities Japan Limited, Tokyo Branch1
Resona Bank, Ltd., Tokyo1
Resona Bank, Ltd., Trust Dep.1
Roland Dg Corporation1
Royal Bank of Canada1
Royal Bank of Scotland Plc2
Saitama Resona Bank, Limited1
San-in Godo Bank, Ltd., The2
Sbi Remit Co., Ltd1
Sbi Sumishin Net Bank, Ltd.1
Schroder Investment Management (Japan) Limited2
Scsk Corporation1
Seto Shinkin Bank, The1
Shiga Bank, Ltd., The1
Shikoku Bank,ltd.,the1
Shimizu Bank Ltd., The1
Shinhan Bank Japan1
Shinkin Central Bank2
Shinsei Bank, Ltd.2
Shinwa Bank, Ltd. The1
Shizuoka Bank, Ltd., The1
Shoko ChUKin Bank, Ltd., The1
Shonai Bank, Ltd., The1
Smbc Friend Securities Co., Ltd1
Smbc Nikko Securities Inc.1
Smbc Trust Bank Ltd.1
Societe Generale1
Societe Generale Securities (North Pacific) Ltd.1
Sony Bank Inc.1
Sparx Asset Management Co., Ltd.1
Standard Chartered Bank1
State Bank of India2
State Street Bank And Trust Company1
State Street Trust And Banking Company Limited4
Sugamo Shinkin Bank, The1
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation3
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank,limited6
Suruga Bank, Ltd., The1
Swift Customer Service Centre Japan1
Tajima Bank, Ltd, The1
Tama Shinkin Bank, The1
The 77 Bank,ltd.1
The Bank of Kochi, Limited1
The Bank of New York Mellon Trust (Japan), Ltd1
The Bank of New York Mellon, Tokyo Branch2
The Hamamatsu Shinkin Bank1
The Higo Bank Limited1
The Imamura Securities Co., Ltd1
The Nishi-nippon City Bank, Ltd2
The Nomura Trust And Banking Co., Ltd.6
The Royal Bank of Scotland Plc Tokyo1
The Senshu Ikeda Bank, Ltd.1
The Tochigi Bank Ltd.1
The Tokyo Tanshi Co., Ltd.1
Toho Bank, Ltd., The1
Tokai Tokyo Securities Co. Ltd1
Tokio Marine Asset Management Co., Ltd.1
Tokio Marine Financial Solutions Ltd2
Tokushima Bank Ltd, The1
Tokyo Higashi Shinkin Bank,the1
Tokyo Star Bank Limited, The1
Tokyo Tomin Bank Limited, The1
Tomato Bank Ltd.1
Toshiba Corporation1
Tottori Bank Ltd., The1
Towa Bank Ltd., The1
Trust And Custody Services Bank, Ltd.2
TsUKuba Bank,ltd.1
U.B.A.F. Union De Banques Arabes Et Francaises Tokyo Branch2
Ubs Ag Tokyo Branch2
Ubs Global Asset Management (Japan) Ltd.1
Ubs Securities Japan Co., Ltd.1
Ueda Yagi Tanshi Co.,ltd1
Unicredit Bank Ag Tokyo Branch (Hypovereinsbank Tokyo Branch)1
United Overseas Bank Ltd., Tokyo Branch2
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Tokyo Branch1
Woori Bank, Tokyo1
Yachiyo Bank, Ltd., The1
Yamagata Bank, Ltd., The1
Yamaguchi Bank, Ltd., The1
Yamanashi Chuo Bank, Ltd., The1
Yokohama Shinkin Bank, The1