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BIC codes, SWIFT codes of All Banks in Armenia

BIC codes, SWIFT codes of All Banks in Armenia
Just select bank name and city and you will get the BIC or SWIFT code of that bank.

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List of All Banks in Armenia
All BIC or SWIFT Code enabled Banks in Armenia Number of Banks
(having BIC/ SWIFT Code)
Acba Credit Agricole Bank Cjsc1
Ameriabank (Formerly Armimpexbank)1
Anelik Bank Cjsc1
Araratbank Ojsc1
Ardshininvest Bank Cjsc1
Areximbank Gazprombank Group Closed Joint Stock Company1
Armenian Development Bank1
Armswissbank Cjsc1
Artsakhbank Cjsc1
Bta Bank Cjsc1
Byblos Bank Armenia Cjsc1
Central Bank of Armenia1
Central Depository of Armenia Ojsc1
Converse Bank Cjsc1
Hsbc Bank Armenia (Formerly Midland Armenia Bank)1
Ineco Joint Stock Bank1
Procredit Bank1
Promethey Bank Llc1
Unibank C.J.S.C1
Vtb Bank (Armenia) Cjsc1